The Human Behind a Favorite Spambot, Horse_eBooks

Horse_ebooks is Mr. Bakkila’s primary presence on social media. He said he has a Facebook account but that it’s more like “a phone book.” The person behind one of my favorite Twitter accounts, Horse_ebooks finally steps forward. His name: Jacob Bakkila. Also, Facebook is indeed a phone book, but one mostly without numbers listed. But […]

What Was, Is and Will Be Popular

New York Times culture editor Adam Sternbergh explains the conundrum of popularity in today’s high speed, viral world.   If something is popular, it can’t also be good. What’s to say something is actually popular, something that sells or streams, or both?  Just because something is popular today, doesn’t mean it’ll still be popular tomorrow. […]

Fallen Idols

“A work of art is something produced by a person, but is not that person — it is of her, but is not her. It’s a reach, really — the artist is trying to inhabit, temporarily, a more compact, distilled, efficient, wittier, more true-seeing, precise version of herself — one that she can’t replicate in […]