Social media divides democracy 

Social media divides democracy by allowing people to filter their own world and ignore the stuff they don’t agree with. Disagreement is the pulse of an open society. The more ideas we throw out there and discuss, the more likely we are to land on the most advanced solution. Facebook killed openness and smothered curiosity […]

Obama’s final exit interview

President Obama talked with historian Kearns Goodwin at the White House for one of his last open-ended interviews before leaving office. The two discussed the president’s legacy, Lincoln, the importance of long-term thinking and Obama’s ‘writer’s sensibility.’ But the discussion over FDR’s ambitions and his struggle with polio is particularly interesting. GOODWIN: For example, young […]

Music is a performance-enhancement drug

“Music is part of being human,” Oliver Sacks wrote in Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. Music can help you focus, meditate, and treat Alzheimers and Parkinson’s. Music is so powerful it stimulates the various parts of the brain at once. Get focused, today with focus@will 👇 “When the brain is listening to music, it lights […]

Imperial Overstretch

There’s a reason countries like the US, Britain, and Rome collapse from preeminence: you can’t do everything and be everything to everybody. In addition to distracting you from priorities, taking on more than you can chew slows down your reaction time. When you finally do commit, the effort is either too late or half-assed. Hegemony […]

In tech we trust –

In this budding tech-utopia, government scarcely features. Great technological achievements of the past – the atomic bomb, the moon landing and even the internet – began within the US government. Today, whether people like government or loathe it, they mostly ignore it. I don’t expect tech elitists to solve the world’s problems. You have to […]