On the tip of your tongue

The mind always beats the tongue. It tries to make sense of reality before the linguist in your head interprets. The closer you look, the cloudier an object gets. Texture, too, is the product of an intelligent designer. You are guided by what you know. Thankfully, you never know as much as you think. Look […]


Look, imagine, and remember

“In order to think we must speculate with images.” — Aristotle It’s impossible to remember anything without seeing the image in our head first. With a little effort, we can activate our brains to become conscious recorders. But the banality of everyday life tends to dull the senses. Blind to routines which automate thinking, we […]

‘Be a first-class noticer’

We travel to escape the plague of the routine and unexciting. In return, we get a new perspective and acquire new ideas. But the slightest contrast quenches the thirst for discovery. Our own backyard is full of interesting things. Life contrarian Aaron Goldfarb writes in How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide: Interesting people don’t need […]

The Power of Observation

You can read all the reports you want. At the end of the day, the most insightful information comes from merely observing your surroundings. If you’re a retailer, this could mean observing which bags your customers are carrying into your stores. Now you’ll know which businesses compliment your brand and which compete against it. If […]

Be Here Now

The most beautiful things are the ones you don’t see, the ones that don’t get captured and recorded on camera. These beautiful things are called moments, and eventually, memories. Memories fade, sure, but they also get recasted and retold through the imagination. In fact, the lack of evidence is exactly what keeps memories alive. We […]

Match the card with the personality

Card shopping is harder than you think. The selection process depends on the receiver’s current state (physical and mental), temperament, and your relationship with that person. The objective of a card is to break the mold without sensationalizing the message. Funny cards about someone’s age are touchy. Serious cards about love and health are dull. […]