The Sharing Economy

It makes no sense to steal from someone else’s cart at the grocery; you’re still responsible for paying for it at checkout. There’s also plenty of inventory available on that same item.

Similar ridiculous theft happens online. You may own a piece of content that someone rips from your computer on Bittorent before you’ve even finished downloading the entire file yourself.

It’s free to pluck items in the sharing economy and create an inconvenience for
someone else. Stealing may be a shortcut to get what you want faster but at the cost of morality.

It’s amazing that we still fight over free items with infinite inventory knowing that we still have to checkout. Do yourself a favor, get it yourself and wait in line.


Free is over

The Internet user is shifting consumption from free to paid.  

Paid is just way more convenient than free.  And the digital packaging is superior.  

Newspapers are finally profiting from paywalls. Legitimate music downloads and subscription services continue growing.  

YouTube users now expect a pre-roll, a blend of TV-like advertising with DVR capabilities.  Google’s content tags guarantee someone is getting paid for the impression.

The era of free is dying out to better paid alternatives.  It’s too burdensome to steal.  Money is going back to the artists.