The United States Postal Service releases a set of Ellsworth Kelly stamps

Painter and sculptor Ellsworth Kelly liked to emphasize abstract shapes and bright colors. His work came to define the hard-edge painting style that originated on the West Coast but made its way east into Kelly’s Spencertown, New York. Fortunately for us, the United States Postal Service has issued a set of his artworks as forever […]


‘I have the vanity of an artist, I want my work to be seen, but I don’t have to be seen’

“I have the vanity of an artist, I want my work to be seen, but I don’t have to be seen.” David Hockney Now the world’s most expensive painting by a living artist, David Hockney’s Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) sold for $90.3 million from the Christie’s auction house.   ‘The idea of […]

Leonardo’s strange faces

There’s an excellent piece in the NY Times about Leonardo Da Vinci’s obsession with drawing weird faces: Leonardo was a true Renaissance man, fascinated with everything — the mechanics of flight, architecture, engineering, botany, artillery and human anatomy — but one of his favorite private pastimes was to draw faces, either as scribbles in the […]

Surreal paintings by Lithuanian artist Gediminas Pranckevičius

Conceptual artist and illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius creates digital art that instantly whisk viewers off into a world of imagination. The Lithuania-born artist uses soft light and blended colors to create harmonious worlds where it is easy to get lost in the surreal stories. He uses software like Photoshop to produce the playful digital drawings that […]

Meet South African painter Ryan Hewett

Ryan Hewett is a South African contemporary artist whose rise to fame has accompanied the emergence of the gallery, Unit London. Hewett will kick off the opening at Unit London’s new Hanover Square location this summer. The inaugural show, ‘The Garden,’ takes its name after Hewett’s painting below. You can see more of Hewett’s abstract oil […]

The magical realist Arnau Alemany

Catalan artist Arnau Alemany paints obscure urban neighborhoods from Paris, Barcelona, and New York and surrounds them in natural environments. “They exist at the frontier between the metropolis and desert, between the fields and the wastelands, he writes, “Beyond that boundary, there remain only some buildings in clear disrepair.” Alemany calls himself the ‘magical realist,’ […]

The great German artist Albrecht Dürer

Envious of the Italian artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, the German artist Albrecht Dürer ventured to Italy in 1496 to prove his worth as a painter. He had already gained a reputation for his woodcut prints. After years of hanging out in Venice and gathering the technique of oil paintings, he created one […]

Art requires the long look

Good art requires the long look, not for a lack of comprehension but for the growing realization of what the viewer fails to see. Art is more about the space inside rather than the form of the envelope itself. Artists put their life’s context into their craft. A poem, painting, a sculpture all contain intricacies […]

Grasping artistic thought 

Art makes sense of and confounds everyday objects. The dislocation between reality and artist interpretation brings interestingness to a work. The viewer chews on a piece, trying to get into an artist’s mind that’s still evolving and exploring different ways. Both maker and fan dig through their inner space to tie their thoughts for an […]

Loving Vincent: When nobody becomes a somebody 

Vincent Van Gogh was a nobody. He only sold one piece of art while he was alive and it was to his brother! But that’s who we all are at the core — small sprinkles on Earth in a vast universe. If the solar eclipse was any reminder, the cosmos operate whether humans exist or […]

Food porn in the 18th century

There’s a saying in table top advertising or food marketing that goes like this: “The first taste is always with your eyes.” Naturally, IKEA made an 18th-century version of social media food porn. The father hires an artist to paint the spread and then has his servicemen carry it around town seeking approval. Flash forward […]

The more authors a piece has, the less people like it

But in traditionally solitary art forms like painting and poetry, the more creators a piece has, the less quality it is perceived to have. It turns out that there’s a greater chance someone will like your picture or poems if you write them yourself. Who said art was a team game?