The Internet Art Dump

My dad is an art and antique collector.  I’m a digital art and antique collector.  We both hoard.  However, his art costs money while my digital images are free with a right-click, copy image to clipboard.  

He displays his collection at home.  Guests have to come over to see his collection.  I display and share my collection on Pinterest and right here on my Tumblr blog.  You just have to be at your computer to view it.       

He spends most of his time studying potential buys and attending auctions.  I spend most of time just discovering cool images online.  

My dad didn’t grow up with Garageband or Instagram so he never created stuff he could call his own.  I tend to think I can create my own art without being a musician or a professional photographer.  

My dad is running out of space.  Even the basement is full overcrowded with art.  The Internet has unlimited capacity.  I can upload 1 hour of YouTube video each second of the day.    

The biggest difference between my dad and I is that he wants to own stuff.  I just want to find and make stuff to share.  His main advantage is that he can re-sell his stuff to earn money.  My collection is valueless unless you count the sponsored ads I can put on my blog.   

As you can see, my dad and I have two different perspectives and styles in collecting art.  His is based on ownership, mine is based on virtual renting.  

My own home walls are mostly bare.  Excess art makes me feel caged.  When I want to get messy and creative, that’s when I go online.  

The paintings I do own are my dad’s.  And I’ll save them forever unless he takes them back and sells them to the highest bidder.  

My dad appreciates real art and commerce.  Maybe I just need to learn that part.