Scan any color in the real world with the Cronzy pen

As if the 10,000 different colors in the pantone palette app isn’t enough, how about this.

Using the Cronzy pen, you can scan any color in the real world and use it to draw. Alternatively, you can choose from the 16-million unique colors in the app. Now you can color in Donald Trump in countless ways.


Who Made That Built-In Eraser?

“To keep our past failures ever before us would cause us to continue to fail…take out your pencil, rub out the mark and start over again.”

The eraser, an American origin to fit the American mentality of making mistakes and learning from failure.

After all, the right answer is a function of the mistakes you make.

Now, just imagine the computer without the “Delete” button.

New “Space” pens from Field Notes:  These pens are the real deal, precision-made, durable, and capable of writing in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, and at temperatures from −30 to 250°F (−35 to 120°C).
Productivity & Work Writing

Learning on multiple formats

Learning today is chaotic. There’s always a new app for note-taking, Smart pens, and the inspirational Moleskine.

To me, both digital and paper worlds are all one stream of productivity. I typically use pen and paper to brainstorm and mind map. I love the freedom of just quickly dumping thoughts on paper and then finding a web of connections between them.

Once I establish an understanding of the big picture I start to synthesize those ideas onto my computer where they get styled and formalized so that others can comprehend them.

I also love the feeling of feeling of crumpling up that piece of paper, assuming it’s loose leaf, and tossing it. Knowing that it’s permanently digitized is gratifying.

There are moments of course when time is running short and I’ll just snap a picture of my notes and import that image into Evernote. It always helps to see how visually I came to a solution anyway.

The best notebook is the one you have with you. As a rule of thumb, you should use whatever tool is closest: pen, paper, iPhone, PC.

As previously noted, I generally like to create a hands-on mess and then progress to clean it up in final digital format.

The 21st-century working process requires flexibility and skill in different formats which if you’re open to it make you more a versatile learner and doer.

Apple may be making a smart pen. 

On Keeping a Notebook in the Digital Age

Most good ideas (whether they’re ideas for narrative structure, a particular twist in the argument, or a broader topic) come into our minds as hunches: small fragments of a larger idea, hints and intimations. Many of these ideas sit around for months or years before they coalesce into something useful.

Good ideas collect like pennies and come together when you least expect it. However, unlike the author I feel like your best notebook is the one you have with you.

My fastest notebook is my Smartphone. I type on a touch screen much faster than writing brain farts down with a pen where I’m more likely to lose an idea.

Do whatever works for you but try to pick one source so you can easily come back to it and build upon your ideas. Some ideas are so random and need to soak.