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Pessimism is a GIF loop

Pessimism is a GIF loop, but not the one you want to experience over and over again. Said cognitive psychologist Amos Tversky: “when you are a pessimist and the bad thing happens, you live it twice. Once when you worry about it, and the second time when it happens.”

Pessimism, like coercion, is natural. It’s optimism that’s artificial because progress is never permanent. Bad and good things happen in cycles.

Setting realistic expectations balances both outlooks. It prevents pessimists from living bad things twice and stops optimists from gambling. One must toggle between the light and the darkness.


Silver Lining


Here’s my definition of optimism:

Optimism is the ability to persist through bouts of itching negativity while maintaining your equanimity.

What determines your outlook depends on how well you cope with bad and potentially disastrous experiences while keeping realistic expectations and preparing a proper mindset for the future. Thoughts and action usually go hand in hand.

“To succeed, you must persist through C. R. A. P. – Criticism, Rejection, Assholes, & Pressure.” – Richard St. John

In short, “You got to keep on keeping on.”


The Benefits of Optimism Are Real

Resilient people are good at bouncing back because they are emotionally complex.