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Pets feature in ‘Say no to tear gas’ protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong residents are trying to encourage the police to avoid tear-gassing their pets amid all the chaos in Hong Kong.

According to Hong Kong-based photojournalist Alex Hofford, Animal Rights groups have also been organizing ‘Say no to tear gas’ rallies to spread awareness around the issue.

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‘Dogs are our link to paradise..’

Photo by Wells Baum

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”

— Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being: A Novel


Piper the Aviation Bird Dog

Piper, the border collie, protects airplanes taking off at Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan from bird strikes — recall the geese that got sucked into a US Airways flight on the Miracle at the Hudson. Says his handler Brian Edwards: “When he goes out to deploy and chase something, it really looks like a missile launch.”

Such a fun story.


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Google Photos uses facial recognition to identify your dogs and cats

Photo by Wells Baum

If you’re looking for the best photo-backup service, look no further than Google Photos. Not only does it free up phone space, it creates gifs, adds filters, and stitches images together for you using the magic of artificial intelligence. In the age of image surfeit, Google Photos has been a blessing in disguise, helping people decide what to post or share with friends and family. But today’s news is by far my favorite.

Using its human face identification technology, Google can now detect individual cats and dogs instead of bunching all the animals together. It can even narrow results down to a specific breed. You can also search by or 


giphy (19).gif

It’s about time pets got some recognition. See what I did there 😉


People need widgets


People need widgets in order to meet other people.  The widget can be a dog, a beer, or a coffee, anything that increases the likeliness of people talking in a social setting.  People feel more confident and more engaged when they’re holding on to something and have a reason to be there.

It’s easier meet new people when we’re younger because there are simply more free time and more opportunities: at school, in organized sport, clubs, and countless other extracurricular activities.  Adults are either too busy or too jaded to participate in social activities every day.  That’s why they may go online and socialize on Twitter and Facebook instead.  It’s quicker, easier, and can be done from the couch.

People are social animals whether or not they prefer to be social.  We identify ourselves in comparison to other people.  At the end of the day, we seek validation. The central question we all ask is “Is anyone listening to me?”


Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Instagram pulled a VSCO and introduced more editing tools this week, most notably the ability to reduce the strength of filters. I still think VSCO’s filters are superior and more natural looking.

  2. Beats introduced a star packed World Cup commercial. No wonder they sold to Apple. Otherwise, who was going to pay the bill for this commercial?

  3. I worked for a company called TopSpin (now owned by Beats and hence, Apple) who built websites for artists so they could build their own communities and sell directly to fans. A similar development looks to be on the horizon for retailers. Why give your data to Facebook and Pinterest when you can replicate that experience on your site? I will admit though that the direct to fan model usually attracts hard-core fans. Side note: These proprietary internal networks may also be more beneficial for b2b operations.

  4. Social media is getting ready for the World Cup. Here’s a bunch of dog breeds and their matching national teams. I suspect that this #WorldCup2014 will not only be another massive moment for Twitter but will be huge for Instagram too. Naturally, I tweeted this too. Instagram is also sending me World Cup masks made by @artedemirar.

  5. It feels kind of old school to add social share buttons to your site but people actually use them. Not only that, some sites like Buzzfeed are seeing more shares via WhatsApp than Twitter. In other words, people prefer to communicate in private, or what’s known as Dark social.