Balancing opposites

Settle into the system or shake it up. Pursue happiness or devour tranquility. Expect disruption or create your own law of contrast. Strive for greatness or let go and let God.  Chase power or be your best self. Maximize productivity or step away from the grind. There’s an inverse relationship between forcing something to happen and actually achieving […]

Aggregating sources

You’ve got to taste the wine yourself, build your own record collection, and collect your own artifacts. You can’t afford to outsource these experiences to others if you want to be original and develop your own taste. Whether it’s other human teachers or machines, having all the answers delivered to your doorstep of knowledge hinders […]

This Japanese philosophy may hold the secret to a happy work life

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to “a reason for being.” It may also hold the keys to prolonging your life. At the intersection of ikigai is having a purpose—feeling as though one is contributing to society in a positive way gives them something to live for. Perhaps the best illustration of ikigai exists […]