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The Danger of a Single Path

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The psychic tells you what you want to hear: that someday is today and that the future holds great things for you.

But the reality isn’t so glorious. Shit continues to happen. Good luck is only as promising as a fortune cookie. While prayer instills hope, it too can over promise and under deliver. The quickest route to happiness appears to be acceptance. But that attitude breeds inanition.

When in doubt, disrupt yourself. Shake shit up. Seek a little danger. Try something new. Get lost. Go the path not recommended by Google Maps. The path worthwhile is the one that takes the longest.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

And don’t stop.


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My Dear Friend, Bebe

I lost my best friend yesterday. She was 16 years old. She’d been around for about half of my life, ever since the day we bought her in a dog store off Madison Avenue. She was a New Yorker at heart, and a Yorkie after all.

But after dancing on the back porch at my wedding more than two years ago, Bebe started to slow down. She lost most of her vision and her hearing.

Bebe at my Wedding, July 2, 2011

Bebe’s most admirable characteristic was her persistence. She never gave up. In fact, she just got cuter with age. Her hair continued to grow in knots. People thought she was still a puppy at 16. How could you disagree? Look at that face!

Bebe chilling earlier this Summer

Bebe kept a cute face and a positive attitude despite her rapidly ailing body. She always remained happily focused in her own world even as the younger dogs wanted to play with her.

Last night, I lit a candle for Bebe at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and reread an email from my Mom sent earlier that day. My Mom had just received the book Dog Heaven from a family friend. My Mom wrote:

when dogs go to heaven they don’t need wings because God knows that dogs love running best. When a dog first arrives in heaven, she just runs. I think BeBe missed running and jumping the most.

I grew up with two brothers so Bebe was the second girl in our house. I always joke with my wife that Bebe was also my first girlfriend.

Death is a celebration of life. We’ll love and remember Bebe forever, just as we do Bullet, our Silkie Terrier that passed away five years ago.

We’ll always be in touch with you Bebe as you run and jump through the clouds in Heaven.

Chatting with Bebe