Blink snaps

“I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs.” – Garry Winogrand

Even when I’m not taking pictures with my iPhone I’m taking them with my eyes. This may be a sickness but there’s so much to see, especially in New York.

That’s why I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for photographers once we’re able to film everything through some type of Google Glass device. All we’ll have to do is go back through our footage and crop out the images we want to save.

Recording everything is not the point of taking pictures. Curiosity is the main driver.

The social sharing on Instagram is just the icing on the cake.

I don’t care much about missing photo opportunities if I can acknowledge a good snap with my own eyes. A little bit of regret is part of the game, the trigger that forces us to keep our phone in hand.

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Avoid turning pictures into paintings

A strange phenomenon has overtaken the web’s social images. Many of the images are so over-filtered they look like paintings rather than pictures.

It’s one thing to add a filter to make an image pop. VSCO is actually the best tool for this since it allows you to scale your filter strength. It’s another thing to add so much extra color to your image it looks like watercolor. Don’t do that.

Try to keep your images honest. Pictures should look like pictures.

You already have a huge advantage with your camera in your pocket and editing apps to make you look like a pro. The challenge today is balancing that storytelling with slight filter augmentation without making the images look too fake. Ideally, no one should be able to tell if you used a filter or not.


Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s man of vision, now eyes up world domination

Increasingly, any new filters we make a bit more subtle because if you do too much to that photo you’re not necessarily going to want to look at it in 20 years.

I tend to scroll right through images that have been over-filtered to death. The point of a filter is to carefully augment the photo and the story, not to sensationalize it.  

#Nofilter is of course, the essence where nature determines your luck.


Practicing photography in a mindful way makes the world around you more visually stimulating and your experiences richer.

Alex Furman