Loop your best pins with Tailwind’s new SmartLoop feature

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE SEE THE DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. If you want to stay active on Pinterest with minimal effort, you’ll need to start using Tailwind’s new SmartLoop feature. As an active Tailwind user and affiliate, I had the pleasure to get a sneak peek at the new software last week before it […]

A zibaldone was a 14th-century scrapbook

Whether you journal, blog, or keep a collection of inspirational images and quotes on Pinterest or Tumblr, you’re continuing the tradition of zibaldoning. A zibaldone was a 14th-century scrapbook that means “a heap of things” in Italian. “Some media scholars argue that commonplace books and zibaldones were precursors to the Internet, which is similarly scrappy and […]

The Future Of Social Media Is Mobile Tribes

The first generation of social media touted “networking”, but the next generation, raised in always-on connectivity, will embrace ephemerality and digital tribalism. Those users will abandon the major social networks and migrate to more granular mobile villages with simpler ecosystems. They will follow a small circle of close friends on Instagram, pin with a small […]

7 Articles To Read This Weekend

Each week I share a bunch of articles that get me thinking differently about the world, particularly in areas around creativity, social media, and life. Louis Menand: What Does Anxiety Mean? God gave people brains to make them overthinkers. Anxiety may be a brain killer but it can also be a survival tactic. Fear is […]

Look Out, It’s Instagram Envy

If Twitter is the street, Facebook the suburban-sprawl mall, and Pinterest some kind of mail-order catalog, Instagram is the many-windowed splendor of a younger Bergdorf’s, showing all we possess or wish for, under squares of filtered glass, each photographic pane backlit 24/7. Instagram projects reality and desires, the latter which appears credible. Instagram is make […]

Free Marketing at the Apple Store

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann used to “surreptitiously put Pinterest on every computer in his local Apple store.” I still do this. There’s a rush of excitement in loading up your website on the store’s machines. You could be discovered! With nearly 100 million visitors a quarter, using Apple store computers to display your work is […]