Maria Popova talks about writing for herself, creativity, and more on the Tim Ferriss Podcast

Below are some of the highlights of Maria Popova from her interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Some of the topics discussed include how to be interesting, on doing the work, and what makes a person creative. On being interesting “The key to being interesting is being interested and enthusiastic about those interests.” When Kurt Vonnegut […]


‘Podcasts are the audio of our time’

“Podcasts are the audio of our time. They can be beautifully produced, as good as a good book, and perhaps they will supersede radio. But there’s something about the knowledge that countless others are listening to the same thing as me, at the same time as me, that can’t be replaced. When I listen to […]

‘All finished paintings are dead paintings’

Picasso’s Guernica took 7 weeks to paint, but it could have taken a lifetime. But done is better than perfect, especially in times of strife. The piece appeared in a Paris exhibition in 1937. It became an essential piece of political art, signaling against the destruction of war. Listen to BBC In Our Time: Picasso’s Guernica […]

The history behind the modern definition of ‘average’

Everybody is unique, but on the whole, there’s still the average. Average height, average SAT score, there is even ‘average looking.’ From clothing to education to body features, there’s always been a standard. According to 99% Invisible’s podcast ‘On Average,’ Belgian astronomer/mathematician Adolphe Quetelet discovered what we now know today as the ‘average’ when he aggregated […]

Yo-Yo Ma on Successful Creative Collaboration

Two truths can live together comfortably. Branch out into different genres. Be adventurous with your time. Place your brain in a different time. Be the sponge, not the judge. Collaborate egos. Rehearse perspectives. Compose with an open mind. There’s more than one way to do things. Travel. Get out of your comfort zone. Listen to […]