Story unbridled

Make yourself not begin. Keep postponing your creative impulses until you store up some more thinking. The forest always hides secrets. When you keep gathering string, the variables appear endless. But the extra attending is crucial. The unbridled story is no longer a diversion when it becomes destiny. Once the end of the rope ceases […]

A state of cheerful refresh

Like a stack of LEGO’s, we build ourselves up to tear ourselves down. Each day starts anew, despite all the heavy baggage from yesterday’s travails. There is no need for an internal wizard to make perfect the day ahead. Ever-present, we must remain flexible and excited about what the future brings. It is our responsibility […]

Grasping artistic thought 

Art makes sense of and confounds everyday objects. The dislocation between reality and artist interpretation brings interestingness to a work. The viewer chews on a piece, trying to get into an artist’s mind that’s still evolving and exploring different ways. Both maker and fan dig through their inner space to tie their thoughts for an […]