Password Simplification?

Until the computer can recognize face or fingerprints we’re nowhere near life without passwords.

The problem with one password is that all it takes is one LinkedIn break in to reveal it. Then all your other logins are at risk. The problem with multiple passwords is that you forget them. You can’t even remember the slightest variation, nor can you remember your first-grade teacher’s name in the security questions.

It’s smooth sailing when you can log in via Twitter or Facebook. But then that site gets access to your profile data and who knows what type is data mining they’re doing.

One painful recommendation is to keep your passwords on one document saved only to an external hard drive. Don’t save it on the cloud for fear of breach.

New websites bloom, hackers persist, and people are losing their passwords which no mnemonic trick can save. There’s just too many to remember.

Passwords are far past the tipping point for disruption. The government doesn’t want to held accountable for your imprint. And the tech companies with all the solutions face years of paperwork and risk. All it takes is one terrible incident.

We will be forced to endure one password at a time.