A window through popularity

Popularity rarely equates to quality, particularly when it relates to art that’s abundant like books, music, and paintings. It’s impossible to sift through catalogs of content and proclaim one piece better than the other. Popularity is often the result of mass marketing. Budgets dictate following. A bank-backed Universal Studios will always create more awareness than […]

How status and likability affect your health 

Popular people live longer. As social animals, the number of friends predetermines our well-being and lifespan. The gregarious live long than loners. But life hinges on authenticity — it is not a popularity contest. The number of people we know means nothing if there’s zero reciprocation. The other person(s) have to like us back. There’s […]

Before the popular rise

Some people enjoy the process of discovery. They have access to niche communities and discrete resources, tending to “get it” before everyone else. These people are also the incubators of trends, filtering the good from the bad before deciding what goes mainstream. Naturally, they lose interest as soon as something or someone like an artist […]

That Hit Song You Love Was a Total Fluke

Think about it like this: independent decisions give you more information than interdependent decisions. You can look at the success of Gangnam Style, and it seems like people are making a decision to watch the video. But those decisions aren’t independent – they’re interdependent. People are watching because other people are watching, not because it’s […]