‘Writing is all about rewriting, which means you’ve got to get something down.’

Essential writing tips from author, writing coach Chip Scanlan:

Steps for Managing Your Stories

  • Lower your standards.
  • Get something down.
  • Swallow the bile that rises in your throat when you write a first draft.
  • Print out early.
  • Read aloud.
  • Apply very critical standards.

“Print out early” is my favorite. Your writing always looks different on paper.

Another tip I recommend is publishing a draft to a Kindle device or Smartphone/Tablet. It’s like looking at your work with a fresh pair of eyes.


The Digital Fabrication Revolution

Digital fabrication will allow individuals to design and produce tangible objects on demand, wherever and whenever they need them. Widespread access to these technologies will challenge traditional models of business, aid, and education.

Be prepared to work yourself from home, making virtually anything you want with a 3-D printer.  

You are the sole creator, engineer.  Now the hard part:  Find a hole in the market and fill it.  Or, you can quite simply just make product customized for you.  

Forget software, make hardware