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The Thinking Mindset vs. The Doing Mindset: Pick One (And Only One)

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“If you need to jumpstart your doing motivation, get moving. Stand up. Walk around your workspace. Put your ideas on sheets of paper and physically separate them in your space. Walk over to each idea and evaluate it separately. By getting up and moving, you shift yourself from a mode of deliberation to one of selection.”

Changing environments increases productivity.  Every time we feel stagnant it’s best to work somewhere else, preferably standing up or if you’re like Mark Twain or George Orwell, work while laying in bed.

Productivity & Work

Find a Different Routine


Routines just work. Whether it’s exercise or leaving for work at the same time every day, we structure our lives around to-dos that put us on automatic.

Stuff gets done, we’re generally happy for crossing them off the list, and then we move on and do them again.

But routines stifle creativity. Staying open to other possibilities makes room for further improvement and happiness. For example, if you can no longer run you may find that walking and weightlifting can be a powerful substitute. As a result, you may also adopt a healthier diet to stave off weight.

Deviation doesn’t have to be so extreme though. Something as simple as going a different route to work can make you think differently.

When you change behavior, you learn new things and grow. That’s why failure is so impactful; failure tests your ability to adapt to complete newness.

When you change up routines, you also change your perspective which prevents you from getting bored.

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s probably because you’re doing the exact same thing every day. One slight tweak can make all the difference.


More Work = More Productivity


It’s no surprise that the busiest people get the most done.  Their focus is more intense because they have more work and less time to get it done.

Forced with a deadline, busy people develop an incredible work flow.

If you don’t have a real deadline, make one up.  Former editor of Vanity Fair Christopher Hitchens used to write 1000 words in 30 minutes so he had more time to read and talk to people.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE, TAKE ON MORE WORK.  If you don’t have work, make it up or ask for it.  You shouldn’t be wasting any more time in letting projects sit.

Time is a real productivity killer.  The more time you have the more likely you’ll procrastinate.  Procrastination incites stress because all you’re thinking about is the job that’s still undone.

You don’t need more time.  You need more work and more deadlines.  The time is NOW to get stuff done.  You can relax after you ship.  And then repeat.

Work.  Done.  No regrets.  Happiness. 


Forcing Artist Productivity in the Interconnected Era

There’s an expectation today that artists must produce faster and release more content to stay relevant.

If you’re an author, you need to write 2 books a year instead of one and maybe a manifesto or novella on top of that. If you’re a musician, you’re expected to make an album, an EP, and drop a couple Internet singles in a year. The relentless demand for productivity goes on.

Daily communication via Twitter is another demand on artists. Fans want to interact and get the inside scoop. Some writers like Seth Godin maintain a daily blog to keep fans entertained.

Today fear drives an artist’s work. If an artist stays silent too long the risk is irrelevancy. There’s always new authors and endless forms of Internet entertainment that will make people forget. Artists are also competing with amafessionals that release stuff for free. And some of the content is pretty good.

Art is judged on productivity. There’s simply too much noise to be the old fashioned reclusive artist that ships once every decade. There will always be respect for scarcity and quality for masterpieces but artists must have some type of other presence whether it’s blogging or on Tweets. It comes down to this: Hyper-productivity keeps an artist relevant so fans and new followers will buy more stuff.

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