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Enthusiasts are afraid to go pro

Scroll through at least ten Instagram profiles, and you’ll see the word ‘enthusiast’ attached to occupations such as photography and travel. They’re even kite enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts are scared hobbyists. They want to take the leap and become experts, but they’re not courageous enough. Notice how you don’t see mentions of soccer enthusiast or model enthusiast; those jobs are harder to fake and obtain. Enthusiasts are wannabe professionals who are afraid to take the next step toward being a professional.

Some proclaimed ‘enthusiasts’ are pretty good. You can even call them amaffesionals because they make good art. But the real game requires a different mentality and skill set; just because you dominate street ball doesn’t mean you’ll make it in the NBA. If you want to go pro, get serious about it– but start, by first removing the word ‘enthusiast’ from your profile.


Lame to Fame

“Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you.”


Are celebrities that much better than you? Or did they prepare and hit their luck at the right time, playing best when their best needed.

There may not be much that separates your skills from the celebrity, other than that they succeeded and you didn’t.

But the gap widens once they’re in. Their coaches, their network, their fan following, goes beyond any services a layman could afford.

Your blown away by celebrity status, so far behind and disconnected it’s unlikely that your chance will ever come. But maybe being famous isn’t even your goal. You like to produce in anonymity. You enjoy the practice for what it is.

Fame isn’t the goal of creativity. Fame tries to capitalize on good effort so it can let marketing do the rest. The pleasure in doing anything is in the performance, minus the expectations, otherwise we’re just fighting within ourselves to impress other people.


Lots and lots of people are creative when they feel like it, but you are only going to become a professional if you do it when you don’t feel like it.

Seth Godin