Why you should be using Grammarly to proofread your writing

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Simply put, Grammarly ensures that your writing is at its best.

Make your writing stand out

Write with confidence

Grammarly proofreads your writing in Gmail, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook updates, Tweets, LinkedIn, etc. — pretty much anywhere you write on the web.

My favorite part of the app is the auto-suggest word replacement feature. As someone who tends to repeat the same words, Grammarly recommends using stronger, alternative but similar words to help me strengthen a sentence.

Never miss a comma again!

Grammarly also provides contextual explanations for any errors in punctuation, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, run-on sentences, and other mistakes to improve your prose.

Fix your verb tenses

You can install the Grammarly app for free as an extension in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, or on your iPhone or Android, for instant proofreading or wait to check your writing aftward with a click of a button.

There’s also a standalone native browser on Grammarly.com and a native Mac app for more focused writing.

You can find all the free download options right here.

Write confidently everywhere

Get context-specific suggestions to improve your writing

I always run my blog posts, work emails, tweets, cover letters and resumes (yes – Grammarly has a resume setting for premium users) to ensure the most effective and mistake-free writing.

So whether you’re a worker, student, or blogger, Grammarly meets all types of writing requirements.

And the best part? Grammarly is FREE!

But if you upgrade to the premium version you get advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure plus genre-specific writing style checks. It also comes with a plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages to ensure your work is original!

Want to level up your writing?

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