“Burning Man” wins photo of the year

Venezuelan photographer Ronaldo Schemidt won World Press Photo of the Year for his image of the “Burning Man.” The picture shows a fleeing José Víctor Salazar Balza engulfed in flames at an anti-government protest in Venezuela on May 3, 2017. “It all took just a few seconds, so I didn’t know what I was shooting,” […]


Where Orwell got it wrong

If we don’t trust the Turkish government’s account of events in the streets of Istanbul, we can turn for the truth to thousands of cellphone videos or tweets from the people themselves. SMS, Twitter and Facebook have become the means for citizens to organize resistance to abusive government power, and for the rest of the […]

Pragmatic Rebellion

How often do you break the rules? How often are you the person to stand up against something everyone knows is absurd? People are standing up to fight wrongdoing: Birkan Isin saved an Istanbul park from destruction and sparked Turkey’s mass protests Snowden gut checked the NSA and lit a worldwide discussion on the future […]