Web Gems 21 / Music’s power is in its ambiguity

Below is an excerpt from the weekly newsletter, published every Sunday morning which includes links to interesting reads, music, and other top-notch content. Subscribe here or below. Music doesn’t need thought. It is intuited. Like laughter, its power is ambiguous but pleasurable. Music, after all, does a rather poor job of showing you anything, especially when there […]


Write just one sentence

Stuck, in limbo, at the fright of starting. It is the activation energy that gets us over the hurdle of inertia. For Ernest Hemingway, writing one sentence motivated him to write more and more. Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one […]

‘Podcasts are the audio of our time’

“Podcasts are the audio of our time. They can be beautifully produced, as good as a good book, and perhaps they will supersede radio. But there’s something about the knowledge that countless others are listening to the same thing as me, at the same time as me, that can’t be replaced. When I listen to […]

Newsletter: ‘The Best for the Most for the Least’

web gems 1 Frank Gehry And The Walt Disney Concert Hall Frank Gehry was at the bottom of the shortlist of candidates considered to design the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles in 1988. His profile made him the odd man out for the job. But he kept his creative confidence: “It’s as though people […]

Newsletter: Social media divides democracy 😔

web gems “Mindfullness needs a redesign.” I’m reading Rohan Gunatillake’s new book Modern Mindfulness so I can learn how to better use technology to help me relax on-the-go. How do you define war? “If civilization has an opposite, it is war. Of those two things, you have either one, or the other. Not both.” A […]

Newsletter: Disinformation and Frappuccinos™

web gems What an American football team in southeastern Ukraine can teach the US about the perils of disinformation, a term created by the KGB in the 1950s. In 1992, George Howell AKA “The Coffee Shaman” created the Frappuccino™. In 1994, he sold his twelve Boston-based Coffee Connection stores to Starbucks for $24 million. He still […]

Newsletter: Evil is a fungus

web gems Evil is a fungus. It feeds off thoughtlessness and organized lying. It destroys the marketplace of ideas. Newness starts in forgiving, public places. Eerie listen: Hannah Arendt on Totalitarianism “Boredom might spark creativity because a restless mind hungers for stimulation.” – Clive Thompson Words, Not Voices: “Raise your words not your voice. It is rain that grows […]

Weekly Rewind: Everything starts on paper, how Grandmaster Flash created the drum break, the future of work, and more

I spent last week in the Dominican Republic, going through bottles of sun lotion and bug spray. I sauntered, strolling through the Punta Cuna beaches listening to N.E.R.D’s first record and while coincidentally, stumbling upon an MTV-inspired foam party (see above). It felt like college all over again.  This newsletter also marks the 100th edition of […]

Baum Blog Digest 7.30.2016

Hi Everyone, I started a new blog. It takes the newsletter approach but goes into more depth. Please find a section below that interests you and have a read. The music stays. Where would we be without it, eh? Arts & Culture Milton Glaser on his iconic “I ♥️ NY” logo, the joy of working, and on the future […]

The 1996 Chicago Bulls, Nike’s Extension into Fashion, Tips for Living the Creative Life, Social Media Narcissism, and more

Arts & Culture The Oral History of the 1996 Chicago Bulls The only way Michael Jordan would agree to filming the movie Space Jam is if they built him a dome where he could workout and practice. The following 95-96 season the Bulls won 72 games in the regular season. Players, coaches, and reporters recount […]

The paradox of wearing neckties, faking happiness on the Internet, new tunes, and more!

I like to share a list of links every Sunday that inspire me to think differently about the world of art, culture, philosophy, and tech.  As always, there’s 5 new tunes after the jump. Links Worth Reading How to pretend to be happy on the Internet Everyone’s a happy camper online. After all, why would […]

7 articles to read this weekend

Ground Zero You won’t read a better 9/11 tribute than this piece by Rex Sorgatz. It sheds light on the contradictions of rebuilding the “Freedom” Tower in the age of extreme surveillance and commercialization. Everything is back to normal at Ground Zero, but not really. Get Sinicized You can say whatever you want on the […]

7 articles to read this weekend

Each week I curate some of my favorite articles about art, life, psychology, and technology across the web. I like to collect a few new tunes too, after the jump. ‘The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013’. Writing is just painting with words. Teju Cole describes how Walcott’s fascination with paint seeped into his poems, seemingly […]

7 articles to read this weekend

Every week I compile my favorite reads from across the web. While the articles typically fall into the areas of creativity and life hacks, they also show what’s happening across the world. Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline. Creativity is a mindset, a desire to problem solve and think different about everyday things. Everyone is creative […]