A sober risk to deny reality

Alcohol and coffee are a study in consciousness – they both trigger experiences beyond the normal architecture of aliveness.  Neither beverage medicates problems away. Rather, they open the door to other choices and chapters in life that we may not have otherwise made. That second beer gives us the courage to ask that girl to […]

Dream to Read

What you read is as just as important as what you experience. Reading fiction permits the mind to let go of reality and envision fantasies. Reading non-fiction forces the mind to grapple with harsh realities. The reading mind makes no difference between real world and the make-believe. Words create visualizations that the mind conceives as […]

You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song

When all of our information — images, art, news, modes of communication — is mediated through the same screen, the notion of value, of what is important and unimportant, even in a subjective, personal sense, becomes murky. Births, deaths, celebrity mug shots, piano-playing kittens, children we don’t know engaging in wackiness, war, poverty, photos of […]

On the Inside Looking Out

People strive for certainty. Even when they don’t know, they form a picture in their head of what it may be. The imagination may be quick to eradicate ignorance but bias remains extant. Truth gets certified with perceived knowledge. Everything you know today is based on subjective experience combined with what others tell you to […]

Does Everything Need a Name?

The first thing people do when encountering something new is seek identification. People are always on a need to know basis. But as soon as people know, they just as quickly forget. We only remember that which is immediately useful; otherwise everything is just a generality (e.g. “That guy,” “it,” or “that thing”). The mind […]