From hand to sleeve: What does it mean to value an intangible object?

The tangible items feel like they have more cash value than the invisible digital bits. The sheer abundance of internet items not only shrink their value, they curb our attention. Whether it’s a feed of Instagram images, tweets, or new music playlists, there is simply too many things to pay attention to and not enough […]

Becoming Our Parent’s Collections

We become byproducts of our parent’s collections growing up. My Dad’s art and European mix tapes shaped my interest in design and new music. My Mom’s dedication to Macs shaped my interest in thinking differently about computer tools. First we mimic, then we aspire. Finally, we create versions of these interests that we can call […]

The CD Case «

As for the CD format, I can’t imagine listening to, say, Green Day’s Dookie any other way. Dookie is to CDs what Creedence is to vinyl. It is a record resting eternally in the collective memories of aging music fans, a lost piece of data tucked inside scarcely used multidisc changers and laundry baskets full […]