The Complications of Neutrality

We wear jerseys to show support for our team. Apparently, wearing the team colors or even a branded hat is not enough.

But what happens when there’s no one to root for? We have no interest in the sport. We’re team neutral.

Most likely, our tendency is to root for the local team, the majority, or the most well known. Why wouldn’t you cheer on the Yankees, Manchester United, or Dallas Cowboys if those are the only teams you know?

But you don’t need a jersey to fit in. You don’t need to show allegiance to any team. No matter how passionate you are, you can show support or neutrality without having to wear or say anything.

Neutrality always comes with questions from the crowd. People want to know where you stand on any issue. Are you Republican or Democrat? Do you support the Yankees or the Red Sox? If neither, which one do you lean toward the most?

If you’re not passionate about any team, remain unidentifiable. Pick neutral and just try to enjoy the game itself. If you do like the competition enough, you’ll pick a team and follow them. But the jersey, that widget, need not be a requirement.