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The revolution will not be televised


The obsession with novelty is what makes things popular. Yet, what appears ‘new’ is a facade built on designs of the past.

Trends are unstable because their form is temporary. Like click bait, they’re told to be known for the contagiousness of their spreadability.

Innovation plays the long-game. Not surprisingly, it’s usually the stuff that hangs around near the edges that seem to last for years to come.

What’s truly original is something that’s never been seen, heard, or done before. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary, but it should strive for timelessness.

The truth never expires.


The Digital Fabrication Revolution

Digital fabrication will allow individuals to design and produce tangible objects on demand, wherever and whenever they need them. Widespread access to these technologies will challenge traditional models of business, aid, and education.

Be prepared to work yourself from home, making virtually anything you want with a 3-D printer.  

You are the sole creator, engineer.  Now the hard part:  Find a hole in the market and fill it.  Or, you can quite simply just make product customized for you.  

Forget software, make hardware