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The big picture view

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Everything is a work in progress. From your health to relationships, to making art, the finish line remains elusive because we’re always preserving the status quo or making things better. Even democracy is a work in progress.

En Media Res — That’s Latin for being in the middle of the action. If inertia is the enemy of action, then we can’t afford to sit the good life out.

What’s your modus operandi? What’re your criteria for a successful future? Is there an ethos you’re trying to build for yourself over the next few years?

To stay on track, you need to set goals. Not the ones that invoke jealousy, make you unhappy, enforce you to keep up with others. Chase goals that inspire a way of life, benefit those around you, help develop a sense of purpose, and inspire you to say hell yes despite the burn!

Live by choice, not by chance. Taking control allows one to stay connected to the big picture view. Hold on to your ideas and ideals on how the experience should be and never be afraid to see it through.


Swiss Miss at SXSW: “Eleven Rules I Live By”


I finally got to meet her, hug included!  Notes from Tina Roth Eisenberg Keynote at SXSW:

Tina’s “Eleven Rules I Live By:”

  1. Invest your life in what you love.  Tina doesn’t distinguish between work and play; they are one continuous stream of love.
  2. Embrace enthusiasm.  Tina says “When you’re enthusiastic about something, you keep going.”  Enthusiasm makes you blind to fear and failure.
  3. Don’t complain.  Make things better. Tina created Tattly out of the urge to make what she wanted. “The best way to complain is to make things.” – James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem
  4. Trust and empower.  Tina recommends to let go of responsibility by hiring talented folks.  She notes:  “The shift from maker to manager is hard. I see the designer who becomes CEO and wants to meddle with everything.”
  5. Experiences > Money.  The money comes, eventually.  Tina encourages us to care about what we make, such as what she did in establishing Creative Mornings.   “A labor of love always pays off.” – Scott Belsky
  6. Surround Yourself with Likeminded people. Tina poked the audience with a quote from Seth Godin:  “Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with.”
  7. Collaborate. Tina encourages us to step away from ego and collaborate whenever we can.  Give up to get more.
  8. Ignore haters.  “Stay away from people that are fond of disliking things,” Tina implores.
  9. Make Time to think and breathe.   This is actually one of Tina’s goals.  Like many of us, we’re all living life in the fast lane and forgetting when and how to slow down.  I previously blogged about doing nothing.  “Wonderful things happen when your brain is empty.” – Maira Kalman
  10. If an opportunity scares you, take it.  To which Tina adds:  “Decide you want it more than you’re afraid of it.”  Fears are really opportunities in disguise.
  11. Be yourself.  Be Eccentric.  Tina ended with this from Abraham Lincoln:  “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Above all, Tina reminds us take initiative and put a dent in the universe.

“The perfect moment is never here.” – Tina Roth Eisenberg

Why wait?  Remember to have fun.

Thanks Tina!