The internet could save your life

The internet could save your life because it allows you to skip the process of being picked. Anyone can be an author, musician, photographer without waiting to partner up with a label or a distributor. Standing out in a sea of DIY artists is the real challenge. Ryan Holiday argues that most people should not […]

The Lindy Effect

Similar to the Zeigarnik Effect in resuming motivation, the Lindy Effect in economics explains the likeliness of durability. Lindy’s deli/restaurant, which the effect is named after, is celebrating nearly a century of existence since its Manhattan debut in 1921. As the author Nassim Taleb describes it: “If a book has been in print for forty years, […]

Write the book in your head you want to hear

Our inner narrative is alive 24/7. Most of our thoughts are garbage, random and unintelligible. But we can dictate some of it, to write the book in our head we want to hear. That’s why it’s so critical to surround ourselves with things that reinforce the way we want to think and live. When author Ryan Holiday […]