Marketing vs. Sales

Marketing is sales. There’s no way around it. You’re trying to tell a story so that someone buys your product. The sales person is also a marketer, but their role is to close the deal which can often be intimidating. Shoppers today like to walk into a store and use their phone to navigate it. […]

On Muppets & Merchandise: How Jim Henson Turned His Art into a Business

“If you’re an artist, an innovator, or a creative person, this scenario should sound familiar to you. We may go into a career because of our values, our ideals, our art, but the reality of capitalism opposes us. Our dreams just don’t pay the bills. So what exactly is an artist to do?” Learn the […]

Shopping in Turkey

Everything is local. Everything is negotiable. Being a salesperson in Turkey is less about promotion and all about price. You have to be able to juggle both math and customer expectations on your feet. You should always have a backup plan. Politics is also an important factor in the Turkish retail process. The more people […]