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Bending genres

Photo by Wells Baum (Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors)

Nothing is original, nor is it copy-pasted. But innovation is a remix, a mash-up of findings, widgets, and opinions.

There is no solitary genius but the product of scenius — network thinking — educating each other, sharing in pairs and stealing ideas and scraps from each other to formulate something new.

We are the product of our environment and our own creative solitude. Blending disciplines, the plurality of ideas, is the upshot of our conversation with others just as much as it is ourselves.


What’s Your Algorithm

What things are you going to let in and disallow in your life? 

A good algorithm moderates both online and offline behavior and prevents the mind from becoming too fat.   

What things do you want other people to know about you? 

A good algorithm shows your work while remaining humble.  And it connecs  you to with like-minded people, aka your scenius.

Your algorithm is unique.  People may share its characteristics but not it’s subtleties.  Your algorithm is also elastic, recasting itself to a world that constantly demands attention.

Have you checked your algorithm lately?

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Toots and Nods

We live in the age of selfie narcissism that begs people to pay attention to their own face and their own work. But tweeting our own horn is a bit passé.

We’re all in danger of sounding like a press release. Showing off in our shares just becomes noise to other people. We look like an ass.

I’m not suggesting that we hoard our work. We should always be sharing our work, teaching what we learn, revealing our processes, and embracing our ‘scenius.’.

“You have to start pointing your attention toward the world that you want to enter. If you want to get fans, you have to start out as a fan.”

Austin Kleon

We should try limit sharing our own work only to the point that it helps others or contributes to the conversation. Our main focus should be showing appreciation to others, giving them credit for helping us formulate our own ideas.

Despite the rise of anonymous social networks like Secret and Whisper, the web still prospers around authenticity. As creators, students, and teachers, we need the honest feedback so we can keep getting better.