‘Toys are preludes to serious ideas’

“Toys are preludes to serious ideas.” Charles and Ray Eames Those shiny toys, they give us all the answers and leave little to the imagination. What could unleash creativity like a blank paper does for a pack of gel pens instead turns off the lite-brite of ideas. Charles and Ray Eames knew about the risks […]


The wisdom of Devin Wenig

Nobody has an electricity department in their company; nobody has an Internet department anymore—although they did a few years ago. I suspect that within 24 months, no one will have a mobile strategy. They’ll just have an omnichannel, connected-screens strategy. What does “Omnichannel” mean anymore now that the analog and digital worlds have merged? Online/offline […]

Screen Predictability

There’s apparently a 95% chance you’ll look at the screen in the elevator. It’s not your fault, we’ve all grown up with ubiquitous screens. Our eyes feed on all types of screens: computer screens, mobile screens, movie screens, TV screens, and virtual Times Square billboards. Any digital movement is sugar for the eyes. Whether it’s […]

The Economist rethinks ‘lean forward, lean back’ model

Readers should not remember the particular device on which they read an article or saw an ad, whether in print, on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. “If we execute this correctly, all devices should fall away and leave nothing but the content,” he said. In other words, the goal is to make content agnostic to […]

Format Shifting

You probably have a primary screen where you do everything:  write, work, and play.  This screen may be your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or even a physical notebook.   You may even shift freely between devices depending on which is closest. Every experience or piece of data should be transferable across formats.   However, you […]