Jonathon Fletcher: forgotten father of the search engine

“In my opinion, the web isn’t going to last forever. But the problem of finding information is. The desire to search through content and find information is independent of the medium.” The creator of web search first called it the “Jumpstation.”

Here’s How Maria Popova of Brain Pickings Writes

And I think that’s part of our challenge today, not just semantically but also practically – we tend to conflate “research” with search, which is always driven by looking for something you already know you’re interested in; but I think the richest “research” is driven by discovery, that intersection of curiosity and serendipity that lets […]

Producing for the masses

Making for the masses taints the quality of the product. The majority of the people appreciate what they get. They may even vote it up. Some people recognize the overt standardization and consume just to conform. It’s not worth tailoring a dish when it’s faster to eat what you’re served to survive. We live in […]