Dreaming from above

You can’t dream about the world from below. It takes climbing a hill, mountain, or riding up to the Eiffel Tower to look out and see an entire world below in your grasp. Writes Tomas Tranströmer in “Schubertiana”: “Outside New York, a high place where with one glance you take in the houses where eight […]


On the tip of your tongue

The mind always beats the tongue. It tries to make sense of reality before the linguist in your head interprets. The closer you look, the cloudier an object gets. Texture, too, is the product of an intelligent designer. You are guided by what you know. Thankfully, you never know as much as you think. Look […]

See it to believe it

We mistakenly believe that we find ourselves through our material possessions. But experiences are what put the bones in the goose. The rest (clothing, tattoos) are just signaling. We mistakenly believe that speeding up leads to better thought. However, hastiness leads to impulsiveness and myopia. It takes patience to link things together. Information leads to […]

In the blink of an eye…

That’s how subtleties move along, transparent, through the chaos of abundant information for which the likes of Facebook and Twitter sell our eyeballs to the attention merchants. As John Berger wrote in Ways of Seeing, “seeing comes before words.” Images overpower our digital world. Video maximizes these stitched images. People lose interest in thinking by themselves […]