Staying connected

Details often allude the inattentive. Our attention sticks to the future, trying to manage unforeseeable events while simultaneously harping on the past. In other words, the present is filled with more than one single mind and instead replaced with a collection of fragments. But we can advance human intuition with a slight tweak in focus. […]


Identifying what matters

The brain is an empty void. It waits to remember until we give things meaning. Otherwise, it clings to the instincts of the amagdyla for its main sensory perception. Thankfully, our brains are large processors. It knows that survival depends on exchanging information with others. Information is quid pro quo. But the problem with oral […]

How social media fuels fantasies of the ideal self

Social media is the story we want to tell about ourselves. It is the edited self. The problem occurs when that ideal self fails to match up with the real one. Can we live up to the image and credentials minted in our LinkedIn profile? Fake it until you make it? We paint our social […]

Fearing a loss of mind

There are very few moments in the day when we pause. Instead, we latch onto the sugary obsession of tech and its distractions, awaiting the next shock of dopamine. But we can have tea with ourselves, going through what our worries and wishes are in the quest for ever-fleeting presence. Man is more versatile than […]