Artist Shepard Fairey supports National School Walkout Day with two protest posters

Widely known for Obama’s 2008 “Hope” poster, contemporary street artist and activist Shepard Fairey created two posters to aid students with their #NationalSchoolWalkout yesterday. According to EMPOWER, the National Women’s March group that sponsored the march, the campaign drew over 3,000 walkouts all over the country including London. The students are protesting stricter gun control after last […]

The paradox of commodifying art

It is cool to be a rebel, to rage against the machine, whether the machine is government or Fortune 500 companies. However, what happens when the artists that criticize mass consumption are the ones contributing to it? Hypebeast explores the contradiction of art and commerce through the works of artists KAWS, Ron English, and Shepard […]

Marketing Mysteries

On René Magritte’s MOMA exhibition: You may not get, at first glance, what’s going on in his paintings, but you get that there’s something to get. So you look again. And again. Which is, of course, a marketer’s dream. The best marketers create mysteries. Apple excels at keeping its customers guessing and fantasizing about new […]