Why sitting is bad for you, animated

Sitting is the new smoking. While that claim may be a bit exaggerated, it is an effective reminder to remind ourselves to take our body for a walk. The more than 360 joints inside our bodies are also ample evidence that we are built to stand up and move. And while more offices are including […]


Yet more evidence that standing at work is better for you than sitting

A recent study done by researchers at Tel Aviv University validates standing desks. Not only is standing better for your health, it also strengthens your focus. This is because the stress of holding your posture improves selective attention. The Stroop effect The researchers had university students alternate between standing and sitting while testing their reaction time to […]

‘Sitting is the new smoking’ 

On the contrary, sitting is not the modern plague. It’s just the scary metaphor health practitioners use to remind us to get up and move every once in a while. They recommend standing up 5-10 minutes for every 45 minutes we’re sedentary. The tagline caught on because doctors grew concerned that people weren’t active enough, […]

Smoke This

Sitting is not the new smoking. Smoking kills you outright. Sitting for long periods of time without moving will do the same. But sitting in 45 minute intervals and then getting up to take a five minute break will keep you just as healthy as standing all day at work, which probably has its own […]

7 articles to read this weekend

Summary: Google is evil and incredibly smart, Twitter is not dead (yet), Drum N Bass is still alive and well, Football is not life, Walking makes you more creative, as does Reading, and the why the world needs less productivity apps. 1. Google’s Hegemony Burying the URL URLs are the essence. They make hypertext hyper. […]

Why I killed my standing desk

But the reality is, sitting isn’t bad. It’s sitting for long periods of time without movement that’s the killer. In fact, staying in pretty much any position for too long isn’t healthy. Sitting is not the new smoking, an inactive lifestyle is. My basic tenet is to walk everywhere if time, safety, and weather permit. […]

We Tested Standing Desks—Here’s Proof They Make You More Productive

As we know, multitasking is a productivity killer, and the standing desk effectively eliminates the urge to multitask and flip between websites, email, and other distractions. “I constantly had my to-do list opened and I’d try to get through them all ASAP. The only differences being that while sitting, I spent more time on Facebook […]

“The chair-based lifestyle”

Humans are not made to be sedentary. We are born to walk, run, and hunt. Our bones serve to help our survival. But we sit all day long. It starts in Elementary school and lasts the rest of our lives, through work and into retirement. Excessive sitting is a lethal activity. James Levine Sitting kills you. […]