Amplified lives

Social media has graduated from edited real life. It is now presented in story format, free from the reigns of filters and surfeit hashtags. Yet, the content is more contrived than ever before.  As each of us become influencers on this Shakespearian stage, the presentation game has changed. We amplify everything. We don’t just broadcast […]


The sound of the future

We used to drive horses, then cabs, and now Uber. Ideas, hardly new, get retranslated to match the demands of modern times. First came the radio, then television, and now the pocket-sized smartphone. Each iteration seemed to enhance our addiction to glow. From snail mail to email, to instant messaging — this time is different […]

This miniature ring could be the future of wearable tech 💍

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]Smart devices are getting smaller and smaller. The Xenxo S-Ring (Kickstarter) could be the latest in wearable tech to turn your hand into a phone, operate as a flash drive, act as a credit-card for on the go payments, track your steps, and more. It’s a Bluetooth enabled remote control for your […]

Staring into distraction 📲

The smartphone is a vehicle for distraction. Statistics show that smartphone distraction kills productivity, on top of the fact that we’re already scatterbrained: our minds wander 47% of the time. The phone is also a bandaid for anxiety. We cradle the device like a baby, holding it in anticipation of the next buzz so we […]

The smartphone functions as a proxy for personal identity 

The smartphone is an extension of the body. We know when we lose it because we feel empty without it. “Though its precise dimensions may vary with fashion, a smartphone is fundamentally a sandwich of aluminosilicate glass, polycarbonate and aluminum sized to sit comfortably in the adult hand, and to be operated, if need be, […]

Stuck in a state of perpetual refresh 🔄

The newest app, the latest iPhone — we make an excuse to spend more time with our smartphones. What can be perceived as self-absorption is also hypnosis, as the phone’s rectangular glow grips us into a ludic loop. Social networks intend to get us out of a trance and sting us into experiencing the world; […]

Predicting the multi-screen world in 1967

In 1967, Rube Goldberg envisioned the future of screen culture. What he didn’t foresee was that all of these individual devices (TV, phone, radio, camera) would converge into a single device: the smartphone. People prefer to be distracted all the time. It makes the outside world easier to cope with. Today’s obsession with multi-screen entertainment […]

The irony in promoting internet abstinence

The people who argue to resist the internet are its biggest culprits, myself included. How can something so good become so addictive and bad? Says the author of Irresistible Adam Alter, who openly admits his own email obsession: “We’re biologically prone to getting hooked on these sorts of experiences. If you put someone in front […]

Move your phone to the living room

Our phones are an escape from reality. We turn to them to avoid the tension of waiting. Immediate gratification helps numb the stress of the moment. It also impedes our progress at work, relationships, and our innovation in general. As Simon Sinek points out in the video below, the two things that take the most […]

How the Kindle teaches you to avoid distractions

There are only two ways to read a book: own a hard copy or read books on Kindle. Reading in the Kindle app on the iPhone is not the same as reading on a standalone Kindle device. On the phone, you are a click away from checking the dopamine-hitting social media feeds, email, and text/push message disturbances. […]

Celebrating World Photo Day with a cautionary twist

We live in an age of constant photography. It is not just that anyone can share a photo, but anyone can also look artistic doing it too, blurring the line between an amateur and professional photographer. Smartphone accessibility and a high-quality lense reduce the barrier to entry. While we turned the camera inward with the egotistical […]

This smart-powered pedestrian pavement could save your life

The world in front of us is not as stimulating as the one on our phone. So we look down and instead text, play Pokemon, or Snapchat our outfit. Sadly, we are used to walking blind. studies have shown that around one in three people get distracted by their phones when crossing the street. While […]

Thinking Without Thinking

“When moments without stimulation arise, we start to feel panicked and don’t know what to do with them, because we’ve trained ourselves to expect this stimulation — new notifications and alerts and so on.” – Nicholas Carr All of our extra time is frittered away on mobile phones. There’s a reason you get epiphanies in […]

Digital Wallet

I forgot my wallet this morning. I grabbed my mobile phone though, and perhaps that’s why I forgot my wallet in the first place. Like music, books, and movies and pretty much everything else, the wallet is converging into the phone. I use the Starbucks app every day. Some day so too your car and […]

Today’s Pattern of Patience

The Smartphone is an answer to our own impatience. Because we’re always using our phones, sitting an extra 45 minutes at a restaurant is no problem. Yet the smartphone also raises our expectations. We expect everyone and everything to be accessible now or planned for now, not tomorrow. Smartphone culture is the simultaneous cause of […]