A Few Digital Habits

  • Twitter is the entertainment. Some of us don’t even watch TV; instead, we watch our Twitter streams and still get the download. Twitter is the new Cliff Notes.

  • The Kindle is still a great way to read digital books. It lacks the full functionality of a Smartphone on purpose; less distractions enable more focused reading.

  • Keep Reminders digital and To-dos optional. Set automatic reminders on the phone or on the computer. Write to-dos in whatever screen works best. I typically keep a log of things I need to do in one document and scribe priorities on a sticky note. There’s something about writing out a to-do that makes it more actionable.


It pays to be sticky

Sticky notes are helpful for getting stuff done, from establishing tasks to long-term goals.

That being said, there are three levels of sticky notes: [Level 1] Temporary: These notes are intended to be used as to do reminders and then thrown away upon completion.

[Level 2] Forgetful: These notes are intended to be a acted upon consistently but just because they’re inscrutable and long lasting doesn’t mean the work or dream is being followed. Most people fall into this camp, that is, more talkers than doers.

[Level 3] Pursuant: These notes are super sticky. These notes are written once and only rarely revisited because the person is too busy chasing the goal and putting in the work. These same people rewrite the same note and reapply it when the adhesive fails.

Your level of sticktuitiveness is judged not by what you write but by how much you live by the words on those sticky notes. Write the future, but don’t forget to do it.