Ugly Banana Peel

I almost threw it out by default since it had been in my bag for a few days. It also looked beyond expiration, rotten with dents abound.

But then I reminded myself that the insides of bananas are durable, capable of outlasting their decaying skin.

Story short: Never judge a banana or book or anything for that matter by its cover. What’s on the inside is all that matters.

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No Struggle, No Story

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Failure doesn’t sell. Most articles on the web provide tips on how to succeed but rarely review the missteps taken to get there.

“You don’t want to miss the dash in between. That’s a good time. If you just go from point A to Z, there’s nowhere else to go.” — Nas

Who doesn’t want to be Michael Jordan or Eminem at the get-go? But both of them went through hell to the rise to the top. Easy is not a reason to do anything. If you enjoy learning and improving, struggles are really just lessons in disguise.

Success requires that you do the work right now to get what you want in the future. Don’t worry, your accolades will be remembered but the backstory is really all that counts.


Unseen and Underprepared

The other day I tried to buy a $25 gift card for my brother’s birthday.  The coffee shop had plenty of cards in stock but they couldn’t add value to the card because the machine was broken.  After trying for 10 minutes, they ended up giving me the card for free.

Sometimes you don’t know you have a problem until someone else asks. The request is typically new but it can just as easily be about something old that should already be working.  

Anticipating the use of fundamentals is a key to success.  If you don’t use your basic skills, you’re bound to drop the ball such as what happened at the coffee shop.  

Sometimes the things that break are the most obvious.  Check or practice often enough to ensure everything is still working. Nothing just works by default.  




Smartphones fit in your pocket, as do pens and small notebooks.

But lately I’ve still been carrying around my backpack. It’s my purse, a place where I can carry extra stuff like bottled water, snacks, a rain jacket, and a laptop. I just pack enough to avoid straining my back like a college student carrying textbooks.

Wearing a backpack makes me feel adventurous, prepared, and free. Sometimes I dump everything in my backpack, wallet and phone included, so I can walk with empty pockets.

The backpack makes me feel like a nomad, with the freedom to work and walk everywhere. You can’t possibly feel liberated carrying around a briefcase.

The backpack is ultimately my survival kit, and I almost always wear it with two straps instead of one so I can keep moving ahead without feeling like it’s there.

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My Dog

She’s virtually blind. She only sees the slightest of light through her waves of hair.

Most of the day she just wanders, re-circling her own path just to stay in motion. She runs into things like chairs and walls but she keeps going. She grows riskier with each step; fear is her fuel.

All my dog wants to do is walk. She used to be so stressed; now she just moves in the moment in complete freedom and excitement of whatever is next.

My dog is thinking, feeling, and experiencing the world all at the same time. She knows no restraint. Her laps around the house are always full of love, for life and for us.

She’s winning the fight.

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When you don’t know the rules, you break them all. It’s hard to take big risks when you know the history of an industry and what has worked and what didn’t.

Blake Mycoskie, Founder of Toms