The power of quiet

There’s a homeless man that sits outside on a painter’s bucket every night at Grand Central.  I must have passed by him a 100 times now.  Not once has he begged.  Not once has he put out a sign for help or a even a cup to collect change.  

This guy is different.    

We’ve connected eyes only a few times, never saying a word nor a nod, just an acknowledgement that we both exist. That silence and his consistency to sit in the same location every day is honorable.  His value increases each day I walk by him.  But it’s not about the money.  

There’s always a book next to him.  Maybe he just wants to collect ideas.  Maybe he’s waiting for the day I finally decide to open up and give him a few dollars, proving that his game of reverse psychology worked.  Whatever be his end-goal, his silence and stillness is more powerful than any words or empty hands.  

Introverts always get misunderstood.