A loudmouth appears confident and skilled. And why not; if they can blabber in front of anyone they must have no fear.

But just because you’re loud and obnoxious doesn’t mean you can run a good show.

Yesterday, a group of street performers in New York successfully called everyone in to watch their performance. Cameras snapped in anticipation. However, people quickly lost interest as soon as the breakdancing started. People donated money just to acknowledge the effort.

The routine went on multiple times as the dance group duped new audiences into watching.

All marketers are liars. Regardless of how much a product gets hyped it always seem to fail in comparison to the noise that gave it justice.

Consumers may gather like ants but there’s no guarantee that they’ll share your stuff. I guarantee no one in that crowd yesterday tweeted or messaged a friend about a “must-see” performance at Pier 17.

Anyone marketing a product should be able to walk the talk. The product is what ultimately gets shared. Marketing is just part of the story.