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Bill Rauhauser: ‘I don’t just shoot willy-nilly..’ 📸

Bill-Rauhauser-Credit-Carlos-DiazDetroit street-photographer Bill Rauhauser compelled himself to see, taking photos up until the day he died. “I don’t just shoot willy-nilly,” he said, “I wait for something to happen.”

Learn more about Bill and his work in the video below. Read his obituary in The Detroit News.

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Nick Turpin on the evolution of street photography

Images by Wells Baum

“You have to be physically and mentally present to recognize these things and be ready for them, to recognize that something special is happening on the street in front of you. That really is the skill. It’s almost more important than getting the photograph. It’s recognizing the significance of something.”

— Nick Turpin, How Our Changing Cities Are Transforming Street Photography

Our third eye, be it smartphone or standalone point and shoot camera, is only as good as the two we were born with.