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No Struggle, No Story

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Failure doesn’t sell. Most articles on the web provide tips on how to succeed but rarely review the missteps taken to get there.

“You don’t want to miss the dash in between. That’s a good time. If you just go from point A to Z, there’s nowhere else to go.” — Nas

Who doesn’t want to be Michael Jordan or Eminem at the get-go? But both of them went through hell to the rise to the top. Easy is not a reason to do anything. If you enjoy learning and improving, struggles are really just lessons in disguise.

Success requires that you do the work right now to get what you want in the future. Don’t worry, your accolades will be remembered but the backstory is really all that counts.


Alain de Botton: Art for Life’s Sake

I would argue that art matters for therapeutic reasons. It is a medium uniquely well suited to helping us with some of the troubles of inner life: our desire for material things, our fear of the unknown, our longing for love, our need for hope.

Art is more than what you see. It’s visceral.


A little bit of struggle keeps life fresh

The comfort zone works but it gets boring. So does successful repetition. At some point, all utility gets maximized.

Facing new challenges is the only way to spark learning. Going from ignorance to expert is hard and requires a lot of patience.

Sometimes achieving mediocrity or merely trying something new strengthens what you already do well by making you more dimensional.

You are what you don’t already know.

The willingness to embrace uncertainty and stay open-minded guarantees progression. Without struggle, evolution goes stagnant.