TV Is Just Noise

Mobile/Tablet weaning TV users:

…Internet videos, social networks, mobile phones and video games — in short, all the alternatives to the television set that are taking up growing slices of the American attention span.

I watched the Twitter stream throughout the Super Bowl. I was merely listening to the game on the big screen, occupied in reading and conversation. I really only paid full attention to the last 4 minutes of the game while still closely watching Twitter.

I bring my iPad to watch videos in bed. My wife watches TV on her iPhone using the Optimum app while going in and out of YouTube videos.

These new viewing habits are here to stay, at least for the younger crowd.

Apple may introduce the slickest Internet TV yet. Even though we’ll have our app channels on screen, the TV will still be the TV, unable to hold in your hand.

Tangibility means control and comfort.

The TV will merely be the widget everyone unites around for the big events. But don’t count on people actually watching. Listening and sharing, maybe.