Processing “reality” through the camera lens 📷

We must look at our surroundings with a keen eye otherwise every day just becomes transactional in nature. Writes Susan Sontag in On Photography: “Ultimately, having an experience becomes identical with taking a photograph of it, and participating in public event comes more and more to be equivalent to looking at it in photographed form.” […]

Nabokov: “The pattern of the thing precedes the thing.”

Most people start something until it becomes something else. But Susan Sontag stuck with her creative impulse. When The Paris Review asked her where she came up with writing prompts, she said: From the beginning I always know what something is going to be; every impulse to write is born of an idea of form, for […]

“Nothing is my last word on anything.”

In an interview with The Paris Review, Susan Sontag revealed what helped her get motivated to write: Getting started is partly stalling, stalling by way of reading and of listening to music, which energizes me and also makes me restless. Feeling guilty about not writing. There’s a wonderful remark of Henry James: “Nothing is my […]

Photography and non-intervention

Wrote Susan Sontag in her seminal book On Photography: Photographing is essentially an act of non-intervention. Part of the horror of such memorable coups of contemporary photojournalism as the pictures of a Vietnamese bonze reaching for the gasoline can, of a Bengali guerrilla in the act of bayoneting a trussed-up collaborator, comes from the awareness […]