PC Industry Fights to Adapt as Tablets Muscle In

Like the mainframe, which was said to be dead decades ago but has remained a meaningful business, the PC will almost certainly cheat death. True, mobile devices like the iPad will continue to gore PC sales. Those mobile devices, though, will most likely never satisfy spreadsheet masters, film editors and other workers who depend on […]


Screen Hopping, The Endless Itch For Attention

The remote control and mobile phone have turned us into bored content hunters. We flip channels and websites hoping to find something that excites us. Such rapid hopping makes another person crazy. Indecision creates frustration. There’s simply too much choice on TV and the Web. Without a plan we scan content until we stumble upon […]

First Instagram, Then Twitter: Breaking News On Instagram

.@dantoffey Joking aside I expect more Breaking News on @Instagram.The app is that fast.Twitter for the syndication. — Wells Baum (@bombtune) May 25, 2012 Instagram is for art. Instagram is for daily status updates. Instagram is also a news breaker. Instagram is real-time just like Twitter. In fact, Instagram precedes Twitter (No wonder Jack Dorsey wanted […]

Is the airport a social network?

The airport may be the world’s biggest/smallest physical social network. The hubs in Atlanta, Heathrow, and Munich bring people from all across the world, speaking the same language in design. Airport signs and rules are the same everywhere. You can figure out where you need to go just by following the terminal numbers. You can […]

Eugene Polley, Wireless Remote Inventor

Eugene Polley enabled us to watch TV from the couch and bed, flipping channels, muting sound and turning the TV off with a push of a button. What’s most interesting about his invention is that It was promoted as an ad canceling device. You can even shut off annoying commercials while the picture remains on […]

Facebook, Just Like American Soccer

Curiosity and experimentation create innovation. Innovation gets rewarded, at its peak today with the Facebook IPO. But Facebook’s innovation all seems kind of robotic. Nothing truly innovative has really come out of Facebook the last couple years. All its innovation is copied (e.g. check-ins) and brought to its masses or simply bought. Questioning the modus […]

Pinterest: International By Nature

One of Pinterest’s key advantages is that it doesn’t need to “internationalize” with various languages. The pictures can spread naturally. — Semil (@semil) May 17, 2012 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Images are languageless. With its masonry layout Pinterest turns images into stories. The layout of the board is just as important as the images in it. Pinterest will […]

Facebook Fortitude

Word on the street says that mobile threatens Facebook’s future. The mobile screen is way smaller and difficult to insert ads without disrupting the whole user experience. The Facebook app is janky as it stands with bugs and slow response. That needs to get fixed first. One thing that Instagram taught all app developers is […]

Public’s Public

When we look back at Facebook we’ll have to congratulate it for opening up interest based networks that were reserved for early adopters and niche interests. Now the only way for startups to scale quickly is to enable sharing activity to Facebook. But not everyone likes this strategy, especially the users. As soon as Instagram […]

Forcing Artist Productivity in the Interconnected Era

There’s an expectation today that artists must produce faster and release more content to stay relevant. If you’re an author, you need to write 2 books a year instead of one and maybe a manifesto or novella on top of that. If you’re a musician, you’re expected to make an album, an EP, and drop […]

Over-Sharing, the New Mass Marketing?

Frictionless sharing is the new mass marketing. We’re sharing all our actions across social networks in Facebook’s real-time ticker. It may not be the TV commercial or radio ad, traditional mass marketing, but frictionless sharing feels just as invasive and annoying because it’s in our faces and happening all the time. You can’t log in […]

An App Within An App

The Facebook app store is a logical next step to organize the hundreds of apps that plug in to Facebook. In order to access the apps like a Spotify or a Pinterest though you have to have to first download those iOS apps through the iTunes app store. The strategy here must be stickiness and […]