Margaret Atwood teaches creative writing

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you sign up to the course I may get a small fee as part of the transaction. Please see the disclosure for more info. Not only is the “Prophet of Dystopia” Margaret Atwood writing a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, she is also teaching an online course […]

This professor describes the future educated person

Dear digital denizens, please rest easy. That so-called ‘internet addiction’ you have is an evolution of what humans have been doing along — curating, collecting, and sharing. We just do it with more often with the assistance of our screens. According to professor Kenneth Goldsmith at the University of Pennsylvania, “an educated person in the […]

Create more than you capture

Listening is an essential part of learning. But then we need to do the work. Clarity comes from recreation. The only way to understand something is to redo it. Writing something out is a great way to summarize thoughts. There are also other ways to connect the dots: speaking out loud, mind-mapping, sketching, and walking […]

Teaching to the test…

undermines knowledge and education.  Memorization kills creativity. Information is just one step one in doing the work.  The most valuable knowledge comes through random experimentation.  What if? Not every question needs a right or best answer.  Life is much more complex than the SATs.   Pre-programming is for robots.  Think beyond gathered information.  Rise above the […]