7 articles to read this weekend

Miss-Mixing DJs are fake mixing behind the decks.  While the era of automation has given DJs the ability to play a pre-recorded set, real DJs make mistakes on purpose. Welcome to “miss-mixing.” Impulse Society Digital has allowed us to build our own custom world where we receive the likes we want, in real-time. The physical […]

Too Much Information

Google provides the information you need right when you need it, for better and for worse. Googling your symptoms displays what you have and recommends what to take to help treat it. But having instant access to a world of information produces unnecessary anxiety. How many times have you looked up your symptoms and identified […]

Good Tips

People pay for curation today, not the content. The content is cheap and mostly free. Apple just have away a U2’s new album. You can already stream any track you want on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Unless you’re reading the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal, there’s no paywall preventing you from getting free […]