The telephone man

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The lost desire to pick up your phone 👋📵

We invented the telephone out of the desire to communicate. We developed the internet to increase connectivity and expand our reach. Thomas Friedman summed up the borderless Earth by writing The World Is Flat. The facilitation of immediacy through text and social media killed the telephone ring. According to a recent Atlantic article from Alexis […]

Cusco in wires

Credited with patenting the first telephone, Alexander Graham Bell also foresaw a broader network of interconnected wires. Just because it doesn’t exist yet, doesn’t mean you can’t imagine it. From the article ‘Only Connect’ on Technics History: You may also like: …it is conceivable that cables of telephone wires could be laid underground, or suspended overhead, […]

“Going back to [the visionary philosopher of communication theory] Marshall McLuhan: everything is an extension of our desire for connection. We couldn’t see far enough, we invented the telescope. We wanted to communicate across distances, we invented the telephone. Then, we wanted to connect with everyone and share all these ideas, and we invented the […]